Thursday, April 27, 2006

The trailer looks good

" It is so powerful that men have died protecting it
And there are those who would kill to expose it
It is a message that has been hidden for centuries
Right before our eyes
What if the world’s greatest works of art have the secret that could change the course of mankind… forever?
This summer… No Matter What You Have Read… No Matter What You Believe…

The Journey Has Just Begun "

If the book is anything to go by, it will be one helluva bestseller of a film.
If the trailer is anything to go by, it could be a very well-made one at that.

The typical Hollywood trailer baritone takes you zooming into fissures and cracks and gorges that come up rushing to meet you. You leave behind the sand-coloured surface, you descend, you meander through a winding maze that goes deeper and deeper. Till it is dark, and you can make out lighted messages scratched and burnt into the walls.

A swooshing zoom-out, and you are shot out of the crevice, out of the surface and into the air. You go higher and higher, till the cracks below become a blur and the surface begins to show as a whole… It is a canvas, and it is the face of Mona Lisa.

You are held for a moment by that serene gaze, till it turns and breaks into smithereens...


Tom Hanks
Audrey Tautou
Ian McKellen
Alfred Molina
and Jean Reno

in a Ron Howard film

MAY 19, 2006

You can check out IMDB. And the India release is on the same day.
photo: yahoo

Friday, April 14, 2006

Tag, and Shubho Nobo Borsho to all

I guess I’m not very good at being tagged. Sue, sorry for being so late. Well this is my first tag, and in some ways my first directly personal post. So, whether you like it or not, here goes, in random order…

Ten (10) things I miss the most
1. My city
The rains and evening squalls (though the kaal-boishakhi is a rarity now). British Council Library. Phuchkas, rolls, biriyani, Chinese. Sweet shops. The Gariahat-Rashbehari walk. Bargain banters with hawkers. Heated opinions I heard in buses (especially BBD Bag-bound mini-buses) between people who’d just met and would soon part ways

2. Both my grandparents’ houses
One with the prayer room and the glass jars of batashas, the other with sombre shelves filled with lines of musty books waiting to be picked. And the grand old ladies themselves, with their afternoon stories, at times so child-like and mischievous that I quite looked down my nose on them

3. Home
And the stairs and my room and my bathroom and my bed and my desk and my pillows and the switches on the walls and the marks on the wood where the crudely glued posters of my teenage have been taken down

4. Parents
Even though the calls contribute a major chunk to BSNL’s revenue. I miss the weekday evenings and maths with Ma. My father coming home after work and pretending there’s no goody for me

5. Friends
And a couple of aunts and cousins too. All my friends, all of them from school and college and varsity and on the way. Mostly a couple of them who left my life like loose-ends, unexplained

6. The free days
Of not having to be ‘correct’ while talking. Of not having to say much, or saying too much but not having to worry. Of knowing that you could say what you liked and a friend would know what not to heed

7. Reading like a mad hare
Finishing books by the dozen, with my mother intermittently shrieking from the bottom of the stairs, reminding me about the state of my eyes and their impending loss of vision

8. Afternoons, acres and acres
You could sleep and not worry about getting things done, not worry about adding value to weekends. I miss the time when 24 hours seemed reasonable

9. A certain couple of unforgettable “someones” from my city
Who cannot be categorised. Neither friend, nor relative, not teacher, not neighbour. They came and never left, but probably didn’t notice me much

10. And last, and most… My School
Not that I miss it at every turn (light years since I left), but it keeps coming back to me.

The last was becoming inordinately long, so I’ve decided on a separate post for it. And since a tag is incomplete and unfair :-) if you don’t pass it on, I hereby throw the posy to JAP, Eve, Prerona, Ekta, Kusum, Ghetu, Roshomon, Raconteur.

And before I forget, Shubho Nobo Borsho to all (non-Bongs, it’s the Bengali New Year on 15th April). Hoping to know you better this year. And special mention for my kind O3 friends :-)